Lake Shore Metal Recycling LLC, located in Skokie, Illinois, U.S.A. was established by Arnold L. Fish. Arnold L Fish has been active in the recycling business for more than 50 years, he has plant experience, purchasing experience, packaging experience and shipping experience.  
Lakes Shore Recycling LLC main business is buying and selling scrap metal, both domestically and internationally.  Arnold L. Fish has been involved for more than Thirty-five years foreign trade.  The majority of shipments include aluminum and copper alloy and stainless steel scrap.  He is also involved with the selling of ferrous scrap.  Lake Shore Metal Recycling LLC as a metal trading company understands that they have an obligation to both the shipper and consumer.  No “deal” is ever left undone.
Arnold L Fish is a former president of the Chicago Chapter of ISRI, the current co-chair of the ISRI, Chicago Chapter Scholarship Fund.  As a member of the BIR Mr. Fish has traveled to Europe and Asia and is familiar with the regulations and tax consequences of shipping to these continents.
Lake Shore Metal Recycling is a member of both ISRI and a Gold member of BIR.



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